How To Use Wildfire Pepper Spray Gel

Each and every self-defense situation is different.  There will always be something that isn’t quite the same as what you may have experienced before in training or might have seen before.  That being said, most assaults are similar in nature.  These are some of the ways that you can use Wildfire Pepper Gel to defend yourself.

When you are walking, make sure to carry the spray in your hand.  If you have a larger purse, don’t trust that you will be able to just reach in and find the spray in that split second when you are taken from behind.  Walk with one hand in your purse. gripping the spray in such a way that bringing it out of the purse and into firing position is unhampered and easily done.

If confronted from a distance and you are challenged but have enough room to escape by running, then do so.  Quickly!  If you do not enough room to escape, then as the would-be assailant draws closer, use your opposite hand as a distraction.  Throw it up in the air, palm forward.  As you do this, yell a command, “Stop!” for example, and keep moving.  As he focuses on your hand and motion, bring the pepper spray to bear and spray the stream towards his face.

Unlike pepper spray, pepper spray gel requires some accuracy to be most effective.  You must hit the assailant in the face, preferably in the eyes, nose and mouth.  However, due to the nature of the gel, if the assailant is right in front of you, you can still spray without the fear of blowback, unlike pepper spray.

Once the gel is on the assailant’s face and he is hampered by the spray gel’s effects, don’t just stand there and watch.  Get away as fast as you can.  Then, when you are safe, call the police.  Most importantly, don’t assume that you will know exactly what to do if a situation ever arises.  Practice!  Train with a friend and act out a scenario using an inert practice spray instead of a real pepper spray.  Everything else can be real, but your friend won’t be knocked out of commision by the spray.  Practice, practice, practice and practice some more until it becomes second nature to you.  You stand a much better chance of surviving an attack if your instincts handle the first few seconds of it.

Is Wildfire Pepper Spray Gel Effective?

Perhaps you are familiar with Wildfire pepper spray but have not heard of Wildfire pepper spray gel and wonder if it is as effective as the OC pepper spray is.  Let’s take a look and see what the answer to that question is.

Wildfire pepper spray gel is pepper spray.  It serves the same purpose as the regular Wildfire pepper spray, but with some definite advantages.  Like Wildfire pepper spray, the gel is made with an 18% OC concentration.  While most 10% sprays and gels are very effective, the 18% OC mix in Wildfire is one of the hottest around.  More heat can equal more effectiveness.

The gel formula that the OC spray is suspended in is the secret to the ultra effectiveness of this spray.  When the gel is sprayed onto the assailant, the gel holds the pepper where it is sprayed on contact.  The longer it sits there, the more uncomfortable the would-be assailant gets.  An especially effective place to hit them with the gel is in the face and eyes.  When they go to wipe the spray gel away, the ultra-fine powder that is in the gel gets smashed deeper into the open pores of the skin which then intensifies the burning effect.

Another advantage that the gel formula has over standard pepper spray is the severely reduced chance of blow-back occurring.  With ordinary pepper spray, if there is a slight breeze, you may find yourself being the one affected by the spray instead of your assailant.  With Wildfire pepper spray gel, the stream goes where you shoot it and sticks there.  You will also enjoy a distance advantage in using the gel over the spray as it tends to shoot farther due to the gel suspension as opposed to droplets of liquid.  When your life is possibly on the line, distance matters!

The original question was, “Is Wildfire Pepper Spray Gel Effective?”.  As laid out above, the answer is an emphatic “Yes!”  Wildfire pepper spray gel affords you several advantages over a standard stream pepper spray and can be more effective is disabling an attacker.